Ascendant Ranch

This is our long range vision for a veterans healing and recovery center:


To restore hope and a renewed sense of health and healing to veterans suffering from PTSD.

Ascendant Ranch is an innovative, experiential residential setting for veterans healing from PTSD. Nestled in remote Idaho.

Ascendant Ranch will support veterans healing on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The veterans will eat fresh organic produce grown on Ascendant Ranch’s hydroponic gardens.

Approximate length of stay is one year.  Healthy nutrition and lifestyle will be emphasized. They will help prepare dinners by cutting vegetables, experience fresh juicing and proactively engage in their healing and recovery.

Both individual and group therapies will be utilized specializing in PTSD recovery.

Yoga and other fitness activities will be tailored to the veteran’s individual capabilities.

No veteran will be left behind. Rooms and areas for activities are handicapped accessible.

Art and music are integral parts of the program as well as hands on crafts such as pottery.

Evening activities will include talks, performances and good fun and fellowship.

Vocational Rehabilitation options will be offered during the residents stay.



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